100 years ago, Max Braun opened his appliances workshop in Germany which marked the birth of the brand Braun. Join us for a year of celebrations and exploration on what ‘good design’ means today and how ’good design’ can positively impact future.




IRT Pro 3000 Thermoscan
Jürgen Greubel
Ludwig Littmann

The ThermoScan completely eliminated what used to be an unpleasant procedure. This digital thermometer worked so quickly and painlessly, babies could go on sleeping while having their temperature taken. An innovation that fundamentally changed people’s expectations of an entire product category.

Good Design is

Design that doesn’t get in the way of life. With that simple application of pressure – click – you get what you want. Nothing more than what it needs to be. Which means you can get on with what you want to be.

Everything has a purpose. A human problem to solve. Down to the finest details. Because good design shouldn’t leave anything behind, it’s thorough and has a reason for being. There is no design for design’s sake.

When something has been designed well. It doesn’t need anything new, there is no obsolence – it doesn’t dominate or take over. It lasts. Better for the environment, better for people.


Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good design established 1977 – 1979

In the late 70s, Dieter Rams began consolidating and summarising his and Braun’s design philosophies. Informed by Bauhaus, Ulm and his fellow Braun designers, Rams formulated ten hugely influential principles for designing products that are simple, useful and built to last—principles Braun embodies to this day.

Discover the 10 principles of good design



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