No touch + forehead thermometer BNT400

Why Braun No touch + forehead?

The No touch + forehead thermometer makes temperature taking easier, faster and stress-free.

The unique dual technology means that you can take temperature two ways – by placing the thermometer on the forehead, and also by holding the thermometer in front of the forehead using the no touch mode.

Designed for the whole family, no touch mode is ideal for conveniently monitoring temperature without having to disturb your child and touch mode is ideal for comfortable self-measurement.



百靈免接觸額溫槍 BNT400
Guidance system
Unique on-screen positioning system confirms proper distance for taking temperature and gentle guidance light directs you for accurate aiming
Food & bath mode
Measures food, object ot liquid temperature.
Quick and easy interpretation
No struggle or stress and no need to swipe the thermometer in front of forehead.
百靈免接觸額溫槍 BNT400
Age-adjustable fever guidance to take the guess work out of interpreting temperature for the whole family.
Night light
Helps take a temperature even when it’s dark.
Silent mode
Offers a switchable silent mode to take temperature without waking up a sleeping child.
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    Recommended for infants, children and adults.

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    Safe and hygienic. No probe covers needed.

百靈免接觸額溫槍 BNT400

Temperature taking hints

  • Let the thermometer and individual being measured acclimate to the temperature of the room in which the measurement will be taken.
  • Thermometer needs to acclimate to the room temperature for 10 minutes before taking a measurement.
  • The individual being measured should be indoors for 30 minutes before taking a measurement. External temperature can impact skin temperature.
  • For individuals measuring their own temperature, it is recommended to use the “forehead option” instead of “no touch”.

Taking individual’s temperature

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    Remove protective cap.

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    Press power.

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    Set age range1.

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    Position between eyebrows and hold on forehead OR up to 2.5 cm (1 inch) away from forehead.

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    Yellow light will show you where you are aiming.

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    Press temperature button.

  • BNT400_step_6

    Read temperature.

* 0 months is defined as having a gestational age of greater than or equal to 37 calendar weeks at birth.

Taking a food & bath temperature

Follow step 1 and 2

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    Press and release food and bath button and water drop icon appears.

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    Position up to 6 cm (2.5 inches) from food or bath water.
    Do not submerge.

    Note: When measuring food or bath temperature, the thermometer must be aimed directly at the food or bath water. Do not aim at sides of container holding the liquids or food. Do not touch liquid or food with the thermometer.

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    Press temperature button.



No touch + forehead (BNT 400)

Measurement range

34 °C – 43 °C (93.2 °F – 109.4 °F)


0.1 °C (0.1 °F)

Laboratory accuracy

± 0.2 °C (± 0.4 °F) for 35 °C – 42 °C (95 °F – 107.6 °F)
outside that range ± 0.3 °C (± 0.5 °F)
(Ambient temperature:15 °C – 40 °C (59 °F – 104 °F))
This thermometer displays a calculated oral equivalent estimate.


Liquid crystal display, 4 digits plus special icons


Normal temp range: Green temp range: 1 long beep for 0.4 second duration
Fever: Red or Yellow temp range: 10 short beeps for 0.2 second duration

Operating temperature

15 °C – 40 °C (59 °F – 104 °F)

Automatic switch-off

Approx. 30 seconds after last measurement has been taken


100g. (with batteries), 82.5g. (w/o batteries)

Storage/transport temperature

-25 °C – 55 °C (-13 °F – 131 °F)


15 – 95% non-condensing


(2) AAA Batteries – at least 500 measurements


700 – 1060hPA (0.7 – 1.06 atm)