How to choose between Infrared ear measurement and forehead measurement?

Dependent on the situation, in general, ear measurement gives a better accuracy while forehead measurement is handier and more suitable for babies’ uses during daytime or asleep. But forehead measurement is easily subject to be affected by respiration and air-conditioning

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What treatment should be done under following fever situations?

1. Fever following vaccine infection: Dose of infant antipyretic should be adequate. In case the fever persists for over 48 hours, revisit of doctor is necessary. 2. Fever due to respiratory tract infection: Use warm bath to bring down the

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Are new born babies generally not susceptible to fever? Why?

Yes. Because they are unlikely subject to virus infection. In the case of a fever on a new born, it is advisable that the parents should be cautious and consult a doctor.

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Are there any other causes of fever except for flu?

All infectious deceases such as bacterial, filterable viruses may cause a fever.

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Which month does the peak of summer flu happen? And it’s symptoms?

Generally it falls between September & October, but with possible early, delay or extended occurrence. The symptoms mostly include fever, tiredness, muscle ache, headache, etc…

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Does a child in fever imply he is sick?

Basically the answer is positive, except for the cases of reaction to vaccine injection, or dehydration due to: extensive outdoor activities, or heat stroke, heat exhaustion under hot weather. To the contrary, however sickness does not necessarily cause a fever.

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What is a fever?

A fever is a body temperature higher than normal condition. There will be symptoms found: tiredness, muscle ache and headache. However definition of fever temperature is dependent on the following two aspects: 1. Age According to clinical research in the

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